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Absences other than those resulting from participation in school activities or disciplinary restrictions/suspensions will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.  An absence is defined as not being present in class for more than 15 minutes.  Excused absences are limited to;          


             *Professional appointments.

*Personal illness.

*Other serious personal family problems.

*Family trips at times other than during semester examinations.


It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to make up work within the allowable time span.  If a student has an excused absence or an absence resulting from participation in school activities or disciplinary restrictions/suspensions, the student may make up all work and tests missed.  One day shall be granted for make-up work for each day of absence except in cases of final examinations or end-of-year work for which special arrangements must be made.  Students are required to have a parent or guardian telephone (663-1044) or bring a note to the school office, excusing their absence the day following their absence(s).  Failure to make up the work in the time allowed will result in no credit awarded for missed assignments, projects or tests.  If the absence is not excused because of failure to follow procedure for excusing an absence, the absence will be Unexcused.  Students sent home during the school day due to illness must still have parents notify the office for any additional days of school missed.  The school will notify parents by letter on the student’s 7th and 11th absence.   


Any absence that does not conform to the definition of an Excused Absence or that does not result in participation in school activities or disciplinary restrictions/suspensions, shall be classified an Unexcused Absence.  An Unexcused absence means, that no credit will be given for assignments, projects, or tests due on the day missed, and students will have no opportunity to make up work or to take tests given at the time of the unexcused absence.





      Loss of Credit Procedures

Any student absent more than ten (10) days in the same class during a semester, whether excused or unexcused, may NOT be granted credit for that semester. Family trips will be counted in this total. After the tenth (10th) absence, a letter declaring a loss of credit for the class will be issued. 


Students with ten or more absences in a class may, however, earn a credit for that class if they pursue and qualify for an “attendance make-up credit extension.” Parents and/or students are responsible for initiating this process (see below).

A doctor’s note will ensure that an absence is “excused” but does not subtract any absences from a student’s total. If however, a doctor’s note excuses a student from school for a minimum of five (5) consecutive days, it will be considered a medical waiver and will not be factored into student’s total number of absences.




Credit Extensions

Throughout each semester, the high school will offer a series of Saturday School opportunities for students who need to make up attendance time. Attendance make-up time is necessary when the number of absences in any one class exceeds ten (10). Whether excused or unexcused, each absence over ten (10) requires make-up time per absence per class. Two hours in Saturday School will earn back 1-3 class periods for a particular date. Four hours in Saturday School will earn back 1 full school day for a particular date. For instance, a student who missed 1st through 3rd periods on a particular date could earn back that time in one 2-hour session, while a student who missed 1st period on three separate dates would need three 2-hour sessions to earn back that time. Students will receive an “I” (incomplete) until the time is served.  Students have two weeks after the end of the semester to redeem credit.  Any student with an Incomplete will not receive credit.





Edwardsburg High School’s campus is closed.  Students are to proceed directly into the building upon their arrival at the high school and are required to remain on campus in their designated areas until dismissal.



No student shall leave school without first obtaining permission from the office.  Such an absence will be unexcused and would be classified as “skipping”.  Students who are excused to leave during class time will be considered absent for the entire class.



Prearranged absences are normally for an absence of several days in duration concerning events planned by the parents or legal guardians.  A prearranged absence may be obtained by having the student pick up a prearranged absence form, having the form completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian and presented to the school office a minimum of three days before the absence.  The absences will not be excused if it will exceed the ten day absence limit.  Only parents or legal guardians may request and authorize, by signature, a prearranged absence.  A prearranged absence fulfills the daily parental obligation to inform the school of a student’s absence.



A tardy occurs any time a student reports to class after the bell rings to signal the start of class.  There are no excused tardies except those confirmed by a staff member.  Any student over 15 minutes late for class will be marked absent instead of tardy.  Tardies accumulate on a per semester basis.  ISR may be selected as an option in the event that students are unable to serve any A.M. detention.  Penalties are as follows:


                   1st tardy



                   2nd tardy


2 before school detentions

                   3rd tardy


2 before school detentions

                   4th tardy


4 hours of Saturday detention

                   5 or more






Students  who accumulate an excessive number of absences will be referred to the school resource officer or Sheriff’s Department for action.  Either the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) or both, and the student can be petitioned into the Cass County Juvenile Court for violations of State Laws concerning truancy.  In all truancy cases, the school administrator may exercise their discretion on what remedies will be taken, what referrals are forwarded, or what action would be made to correct the truancy.  The administration may make referrals to official agencies in all cases of excessive absences.