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Graduation Requirements

      1. All students will carry seven (7) credit valued courses per year (except shared-time).
      2. All students must complete eight (8) semesters of attendance, unless approved by Edwardsburg High School Principal.
      3. All students will take all three components of the Michigan Merit Exam.
      4. All programs selected must total 26 credits per graduation, unless otherwise noted.
      5. To receive a diploma from Edwardsburg High School, a student must have started and completed the entire final semester of his/her senior year at EHS, unless approved by Edwardsburg High School Principal.
      6. Required courses, which must be completed, are;

        English   4 credits
        Mathematics   4 credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a math elective. One credit must be take during the senior year.
        Science   3 credits (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and Science elective)
        Social Studies   3 credits (1/2 Civics, 1/2 Economics, U.S. History, and World History)
        Visual, Performing or Applied Arts   1 credit
        Business Technology Management   1 credit
        World Languages   2 credits (or 1 World Language credit with an additional Art credit)
        Health and P.E.  
        1/2 credit each
        8 credits
      7. A student who transfers into EHS will have his/her credits adjusted in accordance with the above.