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Charlene Getz » Mathematics Courses Taught

Mathematics Courses Taught

Mrs. Getz
Welcome the 2022- 23 school year! This year I will be teaching Algebra 2, Personal Finance and Intermediate Algebra 2B. 
Algebra 2
I am excited to be working with each of you. Algebra 2 puts foundations in place for all upper level mathematics, reasoning and problem solving. We have new materials for class this year, both online and hard copy. Given the new materials, it will be very important that you have your chromebook for class we will be utilitizing several online resources as well as the text and its supplement. 
So strap in, as we embark on a journey to understand the world around us through the mathematical language! Mathematics is a universal language, so if you want to be able to communicate with everyone, own your mathematics! I am here to help.
I will be working with you if you are enrolled in Intermediate Algebra 2B. This is the second year of a two year course. This year we will focus on building your understanding the parent functions you have not worked with much before, and adding some addtional ones. We will apply the concepts we developed reguarding the graphs, equations and characteristics of each of the functions. Intermediate Algebra 2B (the 2nd year), are currently required to meet the Algebra 2 graduation requirement. 
If you have Personal Finance, you may be enrolled in my course. I am excited to teach personal finance this year.
This is a very practical course that will help you understand some foundations of managing your money. We will be working with the Dave Ramsey developed course. This will not be your typical math course, but it will require your consistant effort and engagement. This course will give you a foundation which will help you make better financial decisions both now and in the future.
What you learn in the this course will depend on your investment in it. I will be asking you to share ideas and experiences with each other. I will be asking you to engage in conversations about financial decisions with a adult in you life. Lets begin this journey together, to help set you up for a secure financial future, the time is now!