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Kim Sawyer » Welcome to my EHS 2017-2018 web page!

Welcome to my EHS 2017-2018 web page!

                                       MEET THE TEACHER

I am an Eddie and I am full of "pride, passion, and purpose"!  After an energetic joy filled summer with family and friends, I am excited to transition into the classroom this year.  It is my 20th year teaching at Edwardsburg Public Schools and I am looking forward to many more years of making a difference in the lives of students in the community here as an Eddie.  Students and parents, check out my pictures on my classroom wall board of my family and travels this summer.  We explored Michigan and Indiana's local gems including campgrounds, lakes, and fairs.  My husband,Ted, and I are parents of Tabitha, a nurse practitioner at the Ranger Wellness Center, and Serena, a full time college student and medical receptionist.  We are constantly amazed at the antics of our two "grandboys" who are age 8 and 3 years old.  I live in a "little house in the big woods" with a campfire, lots of nature, and garden flowers.  To rest, relax, and recover after a long day I walk and play with my pets:  "Flannel the Frenchie" and Clay the Red Tri Australian Shepherd.                                                          
                                                                                          "First Day Teacher Pep Session"
I am the oldest of six children and grew up in LaGrange, Indiana attending Lakeland School Corporation while living on a small farm near Fish Lake.  After high school, I worked in many different positions like receptionist at a HVAC company, job training intake officer, transcriber for the judge, day care provider, brake and suspension company employee, egg sorter and packer, real estate agent, and teachers' aid. Yes, you could say that I changed jobs many times, actually it was almost once a year for the first ten years after high school.  Like people say, it is never too late to start a career!  I was inspired to continue my education and completed a Special Education degree from Indiana University in 1096.  Upon graduation from college, my family of four relocated to SW Michigan where I've been teaching at EPS for the pasts 20 years.  I still love learning for the sake of learning.  I enjoy classes learning to train dogs, draw with charcoal, quilt, garden, conduct inquiry based science, write travel journals, edit writing, perform emergency support, teach learning strategies, etc.  I want to share my enthusiasm of learning and my different valuable work experiences to each student this year.   I look forward to listening to all of your experiences this year too.
                                                                                     MY FAVORITES
Food and Drinks Fruits, veggies, pie, donuts with nuts, spring water, bean dip, salmon, LaCroix Coconut water
Candy dark chocolate, anything with coconut and nuts too
Favorite Channels
Outdoor, Discovery, Disney, Hallmark
Movies, Movies, Movies....
Colors Purple, Orange and Blue of course!
Flowers Michigan Wild Flowers, Flowers for the birds and bees, 
Sports/Teams the Eddies, Horse Racing, Dog Shows, NASCAR, Kayaking, Hiking
Hobbies/Talents/Interests hanging out with family(5 siblings and my husband has 11 siblings), reading fiction and nonfiction, decorating for fung shei, cooking any authentic food, researching ideas to make learning easier and more fun, dog stuff, working with my hands in the soil
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